Monday, March 30, 2020

I Will Not Be Defeated!!

New Day Praise Releases an Empowering Song – I Will Not Be Defeated written by Krystal Kuehn (Vocals by Jennifer McGill) When life’s storms come against us and we feel surrounded by enemy forces, it’s not the time to retreat. Your victory begins with your attitude and determination to arise and believe that you will not be defeated. Let this overcoming, victory song empower you today!! *** Check out other VIDEOS here *** So Wonderful (Abba Father) - Worthy- New Day Praise - Surrounded with Your Presence – New Day Praise – ---- CONNECT with NEW DAY PRAISE ---- Facebook: Twitter: Website: *** CHECK OUT other NEW DAY websites *** NEW DAY GRACE – Watch Videos for Encouragement & Empowerment for Each New Day NEW DAY BOOKS – Encouraging & Empowering Books on Prayer, Christian Living & Personal Growth NEW DAY PRAISE - Beautiful, New Praise & Worship Songs to Glorify God Each New Day NEW DAY HEALTHY LIVING – Simple, Fast & Easy to Get into the Best Health, Weight & Shape of Your Life NEW DAY GIFT SHOP - Find Great Gifts for Yourself, Your Family and Friends I Will Not Be Defeated (Official Lyric Video) Empowering Song ©Copyright #Iwillnotbedefeated #empowering #victory

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