Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Experience God's Unconditional Love For You


Unconditional - Love Song

Although we cannot understand God’s love, we experience it all the time. His forgiveness, comfort, kindness, acceptance, security and adoption are freely given to us with no strings attached. We don’t deserve His love, but it’s His nature to keep on loving us regardless of our sin and rebellion. May this song remind you and help you to know in your heart that there is no love like God’s love. And in knowing that He loves you always and forever, may your love for Him grow deeper and stronger and more beautiful. ---- CONNECT with NEW DAY PRAISE ---- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wordsofinspiration Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/behappy4lifeNDC Website: https://newdaypraise.com/ *** CHECK OUT other NEW DAY websites *** NEW DAY GRACE – Watch Videos for Encouragement & Empowerment for Each New Day http://newdaygrace.com NEW DAY BOOKS – Encouraging & Empowering Books on Prayer, Christian Living & Personal Growth http://newdaybooks.com/ NEW DAY PRAISE - Beautiful, New Praise & Worship Songs to Glorify God Each New Day https://newdaypraise.com/ NEW DAY HEALTHY LIVING – Simple, Fast & Easy to Get into the Best Health, Weight & Shape of Your Life http://newdayhealthyliving.com/ NEW DAY GIFT SHOP - Find Great Gifts for Yourself, Your Family and Friends http://newdaygiftshop.com Unconditional - Love Song (Official Lyric Video) New Day Praise ©Copyright NewDayPraise.com #unconditionallove #lovesong #unconditional