Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Worry - What is it?

Worry is....

 a mental activity.  It is a repetition of  negative thoughts about actual or  potential problems or difficulties.

Worry does not solve problems.  It creates new ones.  
Worry is not a remedy for guilt.  It reinforces it.
Worry does not maintain control.  It loses it.
Worry is not inborn.  It is learned.
There is no good reason or benefit to worry.
Worry is harmful to our lives (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially).
Worry is not unchangeable.  Worry chains can be broken because…


Habits are powerful things.  Habits 
turn actions into attitudes, and attitudes into lifestyles. 
~Charlene Armitage

We break the worry habit and lifestyle when we realize:

We can choose to stop deceiving ourselves or making excuses to justify why we worry.

We can choose to replace worry with…

        Awareness (facing – not denying worry)
        Acceptance of what we cannot change
        Action - taking reasonable action & changing what we can 
                       (if and when possible)  

Love is greater than Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Panic!!! 
Release fear and worry.... 
Watch and Listen to Because Your Love (Love is Greater than Fear):  click here
 >> This passionate praise and worship song is based on 1 John 4: 18
      and is a comforting, 
empowering reminder that 
      God's love is greater than our fear. May He fill you with His powerful
      peace and surround you with His endless love.  <<

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Written by Krystal Kuehn, LPC, LLP, NCC

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