Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Slow Down

Slow Down by Dennis Liegghio (excerpt from Building a Foundation for Happiness )

We often generate unnecessary worry, stress and anxiety for ourselves. We can reduce our level of stress, worry and anxiety by learning how to slow down. You don’t NEED to be constantly “connected” (cell phones, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) The age of information has become the age of distraction and we are stressing ourselves out. We are constantly bombarded by the information and distractions that we have available at our fingertips (along with a ridiculous amount of advertising for things that we don’t need) and it has trashed our attention spans. Life offers so many moments of joy and wonder, but if you are moving too fast, you’ll never notice them.

Give yourself some time away from these distractions – shut off your phone an hour or two before going to bed, wait until you’ve gotten ready before turning it back on in the morning. Check your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. at certain times throughout the day and then log off. Leave your cell phone behind (or at least on silent) when you are eating, or visiting with someone. When you are driving around in a vehicle that can take your life, or the lives of others at a moments notice, you do not need to be talking on your cell phone or texting someone or updating your Facebook status. Believe me, whatever it is, it can wait until you are where you need to be, safe and sound.

You are only capable of doing one thing at a time, so set your priorities and focus on doing ONE thing at a time. Multi-tasking and rushing around only leads to stress and mistakes. You may think you’re being more efficient, but you end up creating more headaches for yourself.

You can practice slowing down in almost any moment. When you are showering, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, etc., try to focus solely on that experience. This takes time and practice, and you will be shocked at how often your brain automatically leads you into other thoughts about the past and the future, but realize when that is happening, and gently bring yourself back to concentrating only on the task at hand.

Suggestions for Slowing Down:

Building a Foundation for Happiness
by Dennis Liegghio

At the root of much worry is the issue of control. When we feel out of control, we worry. When events are beyond our control, we worry. Like it or not, however, much of life remains beyond our control. It takes a lot of energy to try to control the uncontrollable. There is another way--if we can learn to embrace uncertainty, we will be able to live in peace, even in the midst of great uncertainty.~ Daniel Grippo

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    1. Great reminders--pay attention to what you're doing, and what you're doing will pay you back.